First FDA Approved Therapy for Presbyopia (Age Related Blurry Near Vision)

December 1, 2021

First FDA Approved Therapy for Presbyopia (Age-Related Blurry Near Vision)

Vuity is the first FDA-approved therapy for presbyopia, and ENCORE Research Group helped make it a success.

12/1/21- Jacksonville, FL- Nature Coast Clinical Research Crystal River (NCCR-CR), a part of ENCORE Research Group, hosted clinical trials that led to the FDA approval of VUITY™. VUITY is the first FDA-approved therapy to treat presbyopia. 

“The FDA approval of VUITY™ is so important because it treats a very common condition for anyone who is reaching 40,” Nina Smith, site manager at NCCR-CR. “We are happy to be a part of such a successful trial!”

Many adults find themselves using reading glasses, holding text further away, and increasing the font size and brightness on screens due to presbyopia. Presbyopia shows its signs nearing the age of 40 and affects over 128 million adults in the United States. 

VUITY is a once-daily eye drop prescription that works as early as 15 minutes and lasts up to 6 hours. Clinical trials have shown that it improves near-sighted vision without impacting distance vision. VUITY’s success rate prompted other clinical trials as well to treat presbyopia. ENCORE Research Group is enrolling in new VUITY studies to test the product further. See the details below for more information on participation. 

ENCORE Research Group is a premier clinical research organization with multiple research offices in Florida; three are located in Jacksonville. ENCORE Research Group sites have conducted more than 2,500 clinical trials over 24 years and have worldwide recognition for providing patients access to cutting-edge medical research. 


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