Vibrating Capsule ‘Vibrant’ Cleared by FDA as a New Drug-Free Treatment for Constipation

February 20, 2023

Two ENCORE Research Group sites, Nature Coast Clinical Research and ENCORE Borland Groover Clinical Research, played a vital role in the clinical trials for “Vibrant,” a new vibrating drug-free capsule designed to treat constipation. In August 2022, the product received clearance from the FDA to be marketed and used for the treatment of constipation. The capsule recently became available for prescriptions as of February 2023.

Vibrant’s unique drug-free treatment works by using gentle vibrations to stimulate the colon mechanically, thus improving its natural motility. The pre-programmed timing of the vibrations is based on the colon’s biological clock, which makes the treatment effective and gentle.

Vibrant’s Phase 3 clinical trial results showed an increased number of complete bowel movements and an improvement in patients’ quality of life. The trial also reported a low incidence of diarrhea at just 1.2%.

It’s important to note that Vibrant is a prescription-only treatment, and it should be recommended by a physician based on the patient’s medical needs and suitability. The treatment’s effectiveness and low incidence of side effects make it a promising option for those struggling with constipation.


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