FDA Approves Valneva’s IXCHIQ, World’s First Chikungunya Vaccine

November 15, 2023

On November 10, 2023, the US FDA approved Valneva’s IXCHIQ chikungunya vaccine for adults 18 and older who are at an increased risk. Chikungunya is a mosquito-borne disease caused by the chikungunya virus. Outbreaks are unpredictable and rapid. Though it is not endemic to the United States, it has still infected millions of Americans over the past 10 years. Overall mortality is low, but morbidity is high with symptoms including fever, joint pain which may become chronic, and rash. IXCHIQ is a live-attenuated vaccine and is the world’s first to be approved. It targets all viral strains. St. Johns Center for Clinical Research participated in two phase three clinical trials testing safety, efficacy, and consistency of the vaccine. Valneva expects IXCHIQ to be available commercially by early 2024.



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