Sharon Smith

VP of Recruiting

Sharon Smith, RN, BSN, CDCES

Sharon Smith, a dedicated nurse and expert diabetic educator, has a particular focus on individuals newly diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. For nearly a decade, she has held the role of Vice President of Recruiting at ENCORE Research Group, where she has successfully built and led a proficient recruiting team specializing in Phase 1 through Phase 4 trials.

In her tenure, Sharon and her team have actively engaged community physicians through educational events while effectively involving the extensive 130,000-member database through informative newsletters, engaging community events, and exclusive community perks. Leveraging a strategic approach, they have utilized both local media and social media advertising to reach a broader audience.

Of paramount importance to Sharon and her team is the understanding and articulation of the value proposition that motivates individuals to participate in clinical trials. This dedication ensures meaningful involvement and fosters a strong sense of purpose for participants in these vital medical research endeavors.

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As a proven clinical research organization, we take every precaution to ensure the safety of and maximize the value for our research volunteers. Qualified doctors, nurses and study coordinators on staff provide support and care throughout the research trial. Participation is always voluntary. We appreciate the time and effort that research volunteers bring to this important process.

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