Jill Agnew

Clinical Research Coordinator

Jill Agnew, RN

Jill Agnew is a registered nurse and a clinical research coordinator. She started here in November 2018.

“There are several things I love about working at St. Johns Center for Clinical Research. First of all, I LOVE working with Dr. Hayes and with Lisa. The three of us are a great team, and I look forward to seeing them each day. Secondly, I really enjoy the relationships I develop with our patients. I love seeing pictures of their kids, grand kids, pets, etc. It shows how much they appreciate the amount of time you are investing in them. Finally, I love that I have a career that brings me so much job satisfaction. Every day, I feel like I am making a difference and working towards a larger goal for the greater good.

Outside of work, my husband and I have two small children and a two year old German Shepherd named Kona that keep us very busy! Additionally, I have a side hustle crafting business. My friends and customers call me the crafty RN. I’ve always got a painting going, a DIY project or a Cricut order in the works. Being creative is an outlet for me.

If I had to choose a theme song, it would be the Golden Girls’ “Thank You for Being a Friend”. I love that song, I love that show, and I was so excited when I moved to Florida and we bought a house with a lanai, because I felt like my dream of becoming a Golden Girl was finally happening!

My favorite hobbies include crafting—obviously—and pinning things to my Pinterest boards, knowing I’ll never actually use them. I’m also a very good Texas Hold ‘Em player, a corn hole champion, and I love going on scavenger hunts with my kids.

Another notable fact about me is that my husband and I actually crossed paths 3 times in our life before “meeting”, and that 3rd time it was love at first site. We went to a camp together in 7th grade where his sister was my counselor. We figured this out by looking through old photos of our childhood. We had a class together our freshman year of college and figured that out after hearing a story about a professor we both had. Finally, our Junior year of college, we met at EMT class (with no knowledge that we had ever crossed paths before), and it was 100% love at first sight. The rest is history!’

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