Clinical Research Nurse

Lisa Meyers,
Clinical Research Assistant
Lab Technician

Lisa Meyers is a key asset to our research site in Crystal River,Fl. She has been a clinical research assistant for over 7 years! Her favorite part about working at ENCORE Research Group is that there is always something new to learn and take on.

Outside of work, Lisa is busy with cub scouts, girl scouts, sewing & crafts, festivals, school functions & attending different sports that her children are in. Lisa and her husband have 6 kids ages 6 to 18 and they are non-stop caring for them. “I wouldn’t have it any other way though,” she says.

Recently, Lisa and all 8 of her family members took a spontaneous trip to Venice Beach. We walked the long private beach and collected tons of seashells, sand dollars, and shark teeth.” Lisa said. “The weather was beautiful and the waves were awesome.”

Being the family woman and amazing mother that she is, Lisa says that spending the evenings with her family really brightens her day.

Heather is originally from Massachusetts so she is a big Patriots Fan!

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As a proven clinical research organization, we take every precaution to ensure the safety of and maximize the value for our research volunteers. Qualified doctors, nurses and study coordinators on staff provide support and care throughout the research trial. Participation is always voluntary. We appreciate the time and effort that research volunteers bring to this important process.

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