Alzheimer’s Research



Alzheimer’s Research

We are conducting a clinical research study for people who have Alzheimer’s disease. This study will evaluate a new investigational drug.

You may be eligible if you:

  • Are between 60 and 85 years old
  • Are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease
  • Have a body mass index between 18.0 and 32.0 kg/m2
  • Are able to complete MRI and PET scans

There are additional criteria to meet to qualify for this study. For volunteers who qualify for our study, all study-related procedures, study drug, and medical exams will be provided at no cost. Qualified volunteers will also receive a stipend for time and travel. No health insurance is required to participate.

For more information call

(904) 730-0166

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This research study is enrolling at:

Jacksonville Center for Clinical Research
4085 University Blvd., South, Suite 1
Jacksonville, FL 32216
(904) 730-0166

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As a proven clinical research organization, we take every precaution to ensure the safety of and maximize the value for our research volunteers. Qualified doctors, nurses and study coordinators on staff provide support and care throughout the research trial. Participation is always voluntary. We appreciate the time and effort that research volunteers bring to this important process.

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