Clinasyst CTMS

ClinasystNG is a site-centric CTMS that offers an easy to use interface that is designed to increase site’s efficiency in recruiting, scheduling, financial tracking and collections, team collaboration, and more.

ClinasystNG is accessible from anywhere, touts advanced security features, and is priced with a small-site budget in mind. Redesigned in early 2017, Clinasyst has been increasing productivity for over 20 years.


eTrialDoc is an educational platform for sites, offering access to SOP’s, quizzes, and standard documents needed by staff.

eTrialDoc also includes a content management system (CMS) that can be used to customize a website for your research clinic and store registrations from interested patients.

eTrialdoc edc

An intuitive EDC that includes an IVRS system.

Ask100 Doctors

A US patented survey and ratings site where sponsors, physicians, or patients can propose medical questions and receive a consensus response from 100Doctors. Doctors also provide reviews on new medications and therapies.


A feasibility and email recruitment platform designed for use by sponsors and sites to identify and contact qualified and interested study participants.

Interactive websites for research centers

Marketing websites for your research location including pages for active studies, patient sign ups, upcoming events, blog posts, Google Maps, and more.

Physfer – Physician referrals

A mobile app designed for investigators to quickly refer patients to their coordinators and recruitment teams.

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As a proven clinical research organization, we take every precaution to ensure the safety of and maximize the value for our research volunteers. Qualified doctors, nurses and study coordinators on staff provide support and care throughout the research trial. Participation is always voluntary. We appreciate the time and effort that research volunteers bring to this important process.

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