My First Time: Confessions of a Research Virgin

July 1, 2017

Recently, I had my first experience as a clinical research volunteer. Going in, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but it was better than I thought!

I have Multiple Sclerosis. I also have asthma, arthritis, hypothyroidism, high blood pressure, and migraines. I live with chronic pain, I’ve had multiple surgeries, and the list goes on. With all these illnesses and conditions I need prescription medications to function on a daily basis.

I’m your average Google symptoms and side effects checker. I think it’s very important since I’m on over 10 daily medications to treat my health issues. I see multiple specialists; and I can’t expect them to research and remember all the ways those medicines interact with the others I’m already on. So I try to be smart about it.

Being a research volunteer has some bad stigmas attached to it. Some people think you might grow a second head or something! I’m here to tell you, don’t believe those outlandish tales! Without volunteers like me, the drugs I’m taking that stop horrible leg cramps or make my migraines back off- wouldn’t have made it to the pharmacy shelves.

When a friend of mine mentioned that her daughter works at Jacksonville Center for Clinical Research, for some reason that statement humanized the whole idea of prescription medications for me.

So I googled them and found they had SO many opportunities for many of the medical problems I currently have. I filled out an online form to be contacted, and a bubbly, friendly lady called me. I wasn’t even sure what to say but she dove right in talking about the different issues I mentioned on the form. She gave me an idea of what they were looking for in the studies, and I answered her questions. It was easy. In no time she had singled out a study I might be perfect for and set up an appointment. We talked through most of it over the telephone and she had it all together when I arrived. It turned out I WAS the perfect fit. It was a study that only required me to come to 3 appointments over a 6 week period and paid me $400. Wow! Did that extra cash come in handy! While I was there everyone treated me like an old friend.

I am doing my part to help put good drugs on the shelves for myself and millions of other people.

Now I know what it’s like to be a hero.


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